Workshop on the Fantastic. April 26 – 27. 2017. Organised by Anna Rettl.

Wednesday 26.04
10:00-12:00 Talk
Maria Damkjær (Post. doc in English Literature at KU)
Damkjær’s talk will be about ‘Narrating Fantastic Spaces’, the boarders between the real and the fantastic with special focus on the novel written by Susannah Clarke ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell’
13:00-16:00 Excursion
Introduction to the Warhammer world followed by a painting workshop
(at their store at Skindergade)
17:00-21:00 Movie afternoon at Forum 
Erdal from the ground school picked a handful of films from throughout the last century that play with elements of the Fantastic
Thursday 27.04
10:00-12:00 Talk
Susana Tosca (Associate professor at Roskilde University)
Tosca’s talk will be a cultural reflection on the different ways that fantasy becomes matter and what this can mean to us.
Her research interests include digital storytelling, transmediality, computer games, digital aesthetics, hypertext, popular culture and digital production in primary school.
13:00-16:00  Role-play gaming session 
in Festsaalen with and by Albin
—> Thereafter it would be great to go and see Anna Stahn’s evening of performances, concerts, a screening and fried squid!
Please email Anna if you are interested in participating

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