Textile Workshop. 23rd-28th November 2016. Organised by the students of Walls and Space

Textile Workshop

23rd-28th november

walls and space

(please bring spindle, threads or any fabrics if you want) 

a group from walls and space have met and planned a textiles course.

we have decided to split the course into two weeks, one before christmas (from the 23rd to the 28th of November) and one in the new year. 

the first week we have structured as a step by step experimentation with making fabrics from fibres.

we will have an hour at the beginning of each day where people can bring texts, videos or present something they feel is relevant for the course or something they are personally interested in that is textile related. (email me if you would like to present something) 

MAXIMUM of 20 people so please email me by tuesday the 8th of november! 

(priority will be given to walls and space but its open to the whole school) 

this is our proposal for the schedule :

WEDNESDAY 23: Thread Making and Fibres

10-11: 1 hour-text/info from student (mathilde)

11-12: what fibres can we use/ how we can work with it ? where it comes from?


13-14: practical lesson- felting, thread making with drop spindles, other ways of working with fibres. 

14-16: experimenting with what we have learned

16-18: visit to arbejders museet (workers museum) 

THURSDAY 24: Colour

10-11: 1 hour text or info from a student

11-12: hour lesson from someone outside of school about how to dye fabrics


13-16: further experiments !

FRIDAY 25 : Making Weaves 

10-11: presentation from damien about development of patterns

11-12: how to make simple weaves and how to use them


13-16 : experiment further with dying and working with fibres/weave building.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY ( come and work in the space on your projects if you feel like it )

MONDAY 28 : Weaving and Fabric Production

10-11: 1 hour text or info from a student

11-12: how to weave 


12-16: weaving, threading felting, dying, playing! 

16-17: evaluation of the week and what we could do for the next week

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