Class Week. November 14 to 18. 2016



Monday November 14

10am. Class meeting

Future study trips

Future Professor/Department discussion

1pm. BFA Meeting

3pm. MFA Meeting

Tuesday November 15

10am. 5 minute presentations


Anne Sofie





Longer presentation – Bodil. In her studio.

1pm. Movie afternoon

3pm-5pm. Reference Group Meeting at W&S with Sanne about the new department and professorship.

7pm. Hannibal will present his work at Den Frie.

Wednesday November 16

Studio visits all day

5pm. Former W&S student Joen Vedel will give a talk at Charlottenborg Kunsthall about his work

Thursday November 17

10am. Reading Group

1pm-4pm. Workshop

Swarm text, ghost speech and hive-mind imaginations. Facilitated by Albin Werle

6pm. School Dinner

Friday November 18

10am. Nils Presentation.From bomb site to boutique: the playground and its journey from anarchy to economic development tool.

1pm. Screening of Assemble’s The Voice of Children.

Made for the Venice Architecture Biennial 2016

“The 19th century we introduced the voice of the working class, in the 20th century we introduced the voice of women. Now we must introduce the voice of children. The great originality of our century maybe that we learn to listen to children.”

Theodore Zeldin, 2014

Children express themselves through play. It is through play that they establish and test the relationships between mind, body and physical world, between self and other. Deep, free play is a biological need and legal right, and it is the evolved mechanism for learning.

Most the built environment actively inhibits children’s play. This film is made up of documentation of children playing freely, without undue adult intervention, external direction or goals, in environments which have been designed to enable play.

In the film, children collaborate, disagree, are creative and destructive, experiment, fail and persist. Alongside the video, are exerts from interviews with people who have committed their adult lives to enabling children to play.

The film does aims to show how important the environment is in enabling play, and the creative, complex and evolving relationships children develop with the physical world given sufficient space and time. The speakers offer a range of different arguments, beliefs and ideas about the value of free play in children’s lives and in wider society.

Made by Assemble in collaboration with Luke Freedman the adults and children of Alpujarra Kids Space (Orgiva, Spain), Baltic Street Adventure Playground (Glasgow, UK), Glamis Adventure Playground and PATH (London, UK), Felix Road Adventure Playground (Bristol, UK), Meridian Adventure Playground (Birmingham, UK), Yume Park, Fuji Kindergarten, Haruno Ogawa and Hanegi Park, (Tokyo, Japan) SM Nursery and Moanakids Nursery (Yokohama, Japan) The Land Adventure Playground (Wrexham, UK), La Jugarreta (Tepoztlan, Mexico).

Featuring the voices of Mike Barclay, David Bullough, Theresa Burling, Yolanda Corona, Ellen Delaney, Ken Garland, Mark Halden, Robert Kennedy, Maria Morfin, Klaus Nedergaard, Eddie Nutall, Simon Rix, Hitoshi Shimamura, Ryuichi Sekiyama and Penny Wilson.


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