Workshops. Ideas from Mathilde Bjerre

Proposal 1 

3 step workshop 

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle- Observatory in rundetårnet- dancing in a club

step 1

read about, see youtube tutorials or invite someone who can teach quantum physical 

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle “The brain is a system that is not only controlled by the cause and effect. It’s one of the reasons that we can not explain ‘self-consciousness’ and ‘free will’ physical or physiological. It was discovered that many of the brain’s processes take place at a quantum level. Therefore, they are also governed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty relation. With uncertainty relations show Heisenberg, we can not talk about what the reality is in itself, but only about how we are forced to talk about reality. 

step 2

Rundetårn observatory

step 3

dancing in a club

shake it off, and free will

Proposal 2

Fabric Workshop 


manufacture, sewing or printing on fabric. layer between the body and the outer world, the cut

perhaps a workshop like the pottery workshop but with fabric and

and perhaps read about the old ways of producing fabric on clothing sewing by hand or read about symbolism and patterns and the relation to the flesh Merleau-Ponty Jacques Lacan or others I do not know about yet? females?


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