Class Week. October 3-12. 2016




Evaluation notes 2015-16

Monday October 3

10am. Official opening of Academy in the Festsal.

12pm. Lunch break

1pm. School meeting and introduction. Meet at Walls and Space

3pm. BFA Group meeting. A meeting for all 3rd year students.

4pm. School drinks in the cellar bar.

Tuesday October 4

10am. School meeting to discuss the weeks ahead.

Proposals of how to schedule our weeks together.

Presentations? Studio visits? Walks? Readings? Dinners? Trips? Themes? Projects? Games?

Please bring your ideas for us to debate and discuss.

How will we sit together? How will we talk together? How will we decide things together?

12pm. Lunch break

1pm. MFA group meeting. A meeting for all MFA graduating final year students.

Wednesday October 5

10am. Walk – Meet at the Nyhavn side of the new pedestrian bridge

12pm. Lunch break

2pm. Ongoing Movie Research

Thursday October 6

No structured Activities

3pm Academy Assembly

6pm. School Dinner

Friday October 7

9am – 12pm Studio Visits

1pm Nils Presentation.

Alternative and Libertarian Education

2pm. Group Experiment

Monday October 10

10am. Check-in

10 Minute Group Presentations

12.45pm. Tour of the Masonic Temple HQ.

Meet outside the Masonic Temple.

Frimurerordenens Stamhus, Blegdamsvej 23, København Ø

Tuesday October 11

10am. Meeting to discuss the future W&S professor profile

11am. Meeting to discuss future study trips and workshops

12pm – 2pm Studio visits

Wednesday October 12

9am-4pm. Tour of all the labs for all new students and the curious.




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