Class Week. Study Trip Worpswede. April 19-24. 2016


April 19 

Meet Copenhagen Main Railway Station by the central info kiosk. 7.15

Depart Copenhagen 07.37

Arrive Hamburg at 12.21

Depart Hamburg at 12.46

Arrive Bremen at 13.41

and then you get on a train to Bremerhaven, which is the next station after Osterholz Scharmbeck.

3pm. Food shopping and basic orientation.

6pm Class dinner

April 20

10am Breakfast and Class Meeting to discuss the days ahead. Program, activities, projects and readings.

11am. Meet to walk into town. Museums, etc.

1pm Lunch.

2pm. Longer walk in landscape

6pm. Dinner

April 21

10am. Breakfast meeting

11am. Class Meeting

12am. Schedule of proposals made

4pm. Food shopping

6pm. Dinner

9pm. Bonfire

April 22

10am Breakfast

11am. BFA Group meeting

12pm. Albin studio visit

1pm Lunch.

2pm. Bodil studio visit

3pm. Lucas studio visit

4pm. Emilie Studio visit

5pm. Stephanie studio visit

April 23

11am. Courtyard Group Meeting

1pm. Lunch

April 24

9am. Astrid studio visit

Depart Osterholz Scharmbeck April 24th at 15.13

Depart Bremen at 16.09

Arrive Hamburg at 17.05

Depart Hamburg at 17.28

Arrive Copenhagen at 22.22



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