Class Week. March 21-25. 2016

Monday March 21

10am. Tour of the Botanical Gardens. gardener Sue Dix will meet us right in front of the little shop in the Botanical Garden (address: Gothersgade 130).

1pm. Class Meeting

2pm. BFA Group Meeting

4pm. Studio visit Matilde

Tuesday March 22

9am Studio visit Fie

10am. All day RAKU!… RAKU! RAKU!… etc

4pm. MFA Group Meeting

Wednesday March 23

9am. Studio visit Philip

10am. All day Courtyard Group workshop

7pm. Easter Cocktails. Nils’s Office.

Thursday March 24

Studio visits

10am. Albin

11am. Emilie

1pm. Laura

2pm. Richard

3pm. Harry

4pm. Mathilde

Friday March 25

10am. Nils presents his research into Utopia.

Utopia is nowhere, but historically and conceptually it cannot be just anywhere.My presentation will navigate the analytic study and long tradition of mainly Western Utopia going back to the Ancient Greeks, through the Judeo-Christian tradition of Millenarianism, sailing past the Utopias of the 16C, and on towards the mad and fantastic plans and programs of Utopian Socialists like Charles Fourier, Robert Owen and Saint Simon. From there we will steer towards the history of communalism in the United States, feminist utopias, the communitarian experiments of the 60s and 70s, and the intentional communities of the present.

1pm. Venice Research Group

Screening “Proprio aperto” Dir; Judith Hopf,  Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Florian Zeyfang. 2005

Screening “Don’t Look Now”, Dir; Nicolas Roeg. 1973

Popcorn will be served

7pm. School dinner Emilie’s flat, Norrebro. Please bring a bottle of something.

If you would like to help please turn up at 6pm. The address will be given at the class meeting



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