Class Week. February 22 -26. 2016



loomModelsara's cat

Monday. February 22

9.40am. Meet outside the Royal Theatre. Kongens Nytorv

Tour of the Royal Theatre

1pm.  Class meeting

3pm. Sidsel Nelund will talk to us about theory and history teaching at MFA level

5pm. BFA Meeting

7pm. School Dinner

Tuesday. February 23

10am. Screening of the collaborative movie made during the

Collectivity, improvisation, live-cutting, film performance workshop.

with Mia Edelgart and Deirdre Humphrys

1pm. Venice workshop. Film screenings

Wednesday. February 24

10am. Presentation by Amica Dall from Assemble

1pm. Discussion with Amica about Assemble’s working methodology and practice related to the courtyard project.

Thursday. February 25

No structured activities. Various meetings and the Academy Assembly.

4pm. MFA Meeting

Friday. February 26

10am. RAKU workshop all day. Glazing and firing







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