Class Week. January 25 – 29. 2016

Astrid guideCourtyard workshop


Thursday January 21

In theory the heating should be ready by this date. I will double check closer to the date to see if that’s the case and let you all know. If all is Ok I propose we meet at 1pm to start putting Walls and Space back into shape.

Monday January 25

10am. Class meeting

1pm. BFA Group Meeting

2pm. MFA Group Meeting

3pm. Worpsweide Group Meeting

4pm. NN studio visit Fia

7pm. School dinner

Tuesday January 26

9am. NN Studio visit Stephanie

10am. All day RAKU workshop at the ceramics lab.

4pm. NN studio visit Albin

Wednesday January 27

9am. NN Studio visit Astrid

10am. Tour of Amalienborg

1pm. Tour of the Academy’s locked spaces, including the Charlottenborg attic

3pm. A presentation by Albin

4pm. Nils’s presentation of Defensible Architecture and Design

5pm. NN studio visit Sara

7.20pm. Peggy Guggenheim Gloria cinema

Thursday January 28

1pm. Courtyard workshop. Model making. How to make scale models in different media.

4pm. NN studio visit Lucas

Friday January 29

10am. Venice Research group. Reading, presentations and screenings.

All day.

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