Workshop. Media School. Cinema Copain. October 28 – 31. 201


Cinema Copain. At the Media School. October 28 – 31.

Introduction to 16mm analogue film using camera and non-camera-techniques (direct film). We’ll use B&W material and develop it with an easy and non-toxic process based on caffenol (coffee, soda and vitamin C).

We would screen the first part of the chain of interviews: the collective film lab L’Abominable in Paris. We could also show Fictions and Futures # 1.

During the course we’d also propose to see and discuss a choice of experimental films – taken from current production of collective labs.

This course focuses on the specifics of working with analogue film. For over a century, the moving celluloid picture was the basis of cinema and of ideas about film. While the film industry is departing from its original medium, we are once again taking the material itself in hand. In an age characterised by digital speed, the limitations of analogue technique, the specific temporality of the medium and the waywardness of the material enhance the creative process.

From shooting with the 16mm camera, through manual developing in the dark-room, and up to montage, all techniques and manual skills necessary for artistic work with analogue film will be taught. As an additional possibility of working within a limited budget, we will demonstrate non-camera film techniques and develop black-and-white material with eco-friendly Caffenol.

We will start by watching selected films which explore the specific possibilities of experimental analogue film. Independent short films may be realised during the course, but readiness for mutual help and collaboration is essential. Looking at and discussing the works in progress will also be an important part of the course. The aim is for each student to find an individual language of filmic narrative.

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