Class Week. June 1 – 8. 2015

Owen, Albin and VebjørnAlbin presentationAlbin bronzeAnna lightbulbLeila Light bulb

It Worked!

It Worked!

  Monday June 1

10am – 11am. BA evaluation with Karl Holmqvist

6pm.  Walls and Space BA evening event with performances by Karl Holmqvist and Jonas Frederiksen with a presentation by Mikkel Bolt

Tuesday June 2

9am. Nils does the 2nd year evaluations with a presentation on Walls and Space so please be around to welcome the students.

1pm. Rundgang Discussion

Wednesday June 3

10am. Frederik Presentation

1pm. Walls and Space group portrait taken by Anupama Ramdas.

1.30pm. Nils’s Utopia presentation

Thursday June 4

10am. Boal workshop with Margarita and Kristian

1pm. Rundgang preparations before Venice?

…MA Graduation exhibition. Not sure what time it starts…?

Graduation Party. 8 till late

Monday June 8

MA evaluations. Everyone is welcome to attend. External evaluators Annika Lundgren and Henriette Heise

9am. Margarita

10am. Sidsel

1pm. Anna

2pm. Vebjørn and Owen

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