Class Week. April 27 to May 1. 2015

Eclipse viewer

Sunday April 19

Deconstruction of the bar structure. Afternoon. Please come and help if you can.

Monday April 27

1pm. Class Meeting

3pm. Nils will present his playground archive and research.

7pm. Class dinner

Tuesday April 28

10am. All day furniture workshop with Luca Frei

Wednesday April 29

9.30. Visit to the Masonic Lodge.

1pm. Afternoon tour of Copenhagen’s playgrounds

6pm. Cocktail party with live jazz in Nils’s office. Special punch bowl made by Albin, punch made by Nils and drinks drunk by you.

Thursday April 30

10am. Visit to SMK “What’s Happening”

Combined with reading of Angela Carter’s “The Sadeian Woman”

1pm. Gallery tour

Friday May 1

10am. Boal and Games workshop. Kristian and Margarita

1pm. BA group meeting

2pm. MA Group meeting

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