Class Week. December 14 to 19. 2014

HS diagram

Sunday December 14

6.00pm. Walls and Space

Invitation to a friendly gathering… film shoot organised by Owen and Vebjørn

post shoot Dinner

Monday December 15

10am. Class Meeting

1pm. Katherine Ball presentation with fermentation.

With a trip and tour of the land where she is staying.

Tuesday December 16

10am. Games workshop

12pm. Screening of Troels’s film on the Fall and other films

5pm. Tour of City Hall

Wednesday December 17

10am. All day furniture making and design workshop with readings

4pm BA group meeting

Thursday December 18

10am. Pontus will talk about the repaired plaster cast in the large room and give us a tour of the Plaster Cast collection

and his plaster workshop at the Academy.

1pm. Fiction Reading Group

Friday December 19

10am. Meeting to discuss 2015 and the new budget

1pm. MA Group Meeting







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