Workshop. Hidden Economies: A Seminar on Economic Possibility. October 22 to 24. 2014

“How to smash capitalism at home in your spare time…”­­– J.K. Gibson-Graham

Hidden Economies Seminar | Organized by Brett Bloom, Bonnie Fortune, and Lise Skou

23-24, October, 2014

Hidden Economies: A seminar on economic possibility brings together artists, activists, and scholars to discuss hidden economies–existing within, next to, beside, and around capitalism. The seminar is inspired by the work of feminist geographers JK Gibson-Graham (Julie Graham and Katherine Gibson). Gibson-Graham worked on several publications and projects that sought to destabilize and introduce ruptures in the “monster” of capitalist economy. Today, Katherine Gibson continues the work she and the late Julie Graham began with projects like Community Economies Collective, which they co-founded in 2009, and the publication of the book Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities (2013, University of Minnesota Press).

The foundation laid by Gibson-Graham frames how we understand and perceive the economic realities that shape our everyday lives and our larger social structures. Capitalist processes shape our daily experiences but do they define them? How and where are people creating economies that ignore the dominant economic system? How do these economies–shared, exchange based, micro-local, etc.–function and what do they look like? Are they temporary or are they sustainable?

Hidden Economies is a two-day seminar with presentations and workshops from artists, activists, and scholars focused on issues of economy within their work. We are interested in how cultural work may contribute to shedding light on economic difference and articulating new economic realities. Central for this project is the idea that economies are always diverse and in the making.

From the 23-24 of October, 2014, there will be presentations and workshops from the following confirmed speakers: Geoff Cox (DK), Andrea Creutz (SE), Marina Vishmidt (UK) and Melissa Gordon (UK), Caroline Woolard (US), Vladan Jeremic (SRB), Rene Raedle (SRB), Reneé Ridgway (NL), Esra Edam (DE), Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Leoni Contini (IT), Hauben und Brachen (DE), and Andrea Francke (PE/UK), Maliha Safra (US), Zeenath Hasan (SE), among others. Presentation and discussion will take up the majority of the day with workshops in the late afternoon. Each evening of the seminar will include events to extend the discussion: a book release from Jakob Jakobsen on the knowledge economy, a themed dinner discussion.

Prior to and during the seminar we will have a curated web channel with the video work of selected artists including Mari Keski-Korsu (FI), Eva Bakkeslet (NO), Kirsten Dufour (DK), among others. Finally, we are organizing the publication of a paper of selected texts from seminar attendees, those who could not attend, and other associated cultural producers.

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