One Day Workshop. Ikebana Basic Upright Style (Sôgetsu school) with Setsuko Bergholt and Aliza Stern. October 7. 2014

Setsuko Bergholt and Aliza Stern from Ikebana International are coming to teach us the Basic upright style (Sôgetsu school). Setsuko and Aliza will also make several demonstrations of other types of Ikebana and tell the short version of the history of Ikebana and how it differs from western flower arrangements. The Sôgetsu school of Ikebana is one, if not the most accessible entry point into making Ikebana, at least for westerners and considering we’re art students. Sôgetsu was formed in 1927 by Sofu Teshigahara and broke with the traditional view that Ikebana required the practitioner to follow established rules. The philosophy of the Sôgetsu school states that Ikebana can be arranged anywhere, with anything, by anyone. There are however still Ikebana schools which teach a classical stringent line, such as the Ikenobo school.


10.00 – 10.30AM Ikebana introduction, history and concepts (slide show).

10.30 – 11.45AM Demonstations and exchange of opinions

The following Ikebana will be demonstrated by Setsuko Bergholt and Aliza Stern:

1. Basic upright style

2. Basic slanting style

3. Nageire (arrangement in a tall container without the use of the kenzan)

4. Free style

5. Free style

x. perhaps a few more?

12.00 – 1PM Lunch break

1 – 3PM Setsuko and Aliza will teach us how to do the Basic upright style.

3 – 3.30PM End of workshop, cleaning.

All plant material will be bought using the salary budget via Setsuko and other materials (containers and kenzans) will be provided by the Japanese embassy(!).

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