Class Week. October 1 to 10. 2014

Dear all,

here is a plan for our first week together this coming semester, (please email me if you cannot make your given presentation slot, you can also switch with a friend if that’s easier for you).

All students should attend this week as its when we all get to know each other and we can see what kind of shared themes and interests we all have. It is also respectful to your fellow

students to attend all the presentations and it helps class morale.

A presentation lasts usually 45 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion but it can be structured in any way you think appropriate within a 1 hour max time slot.

In this time you can present whatever you think represents your interests – new work, old work, what you did this summer, future ideas, research material, a reading, a performance, a walk… its totally up to you.

This could be in the Walls and Space school rooms, in your studio, out in the city, in your bedroom… wherever you wish, but please take into consideration logistics if it will take time for all of us to get there within the schedule.

I am available for an individual studio visit during this time if you would like one, please email me. Its usually good to have one if you are new to Walls and Space.

All students entering their third year and graduating with a BA should attend the meeting Monday at 3pm.

All MA students graduating 2015 should attend the meeting Monday at 5pm.

If I have missed you out because of a clerical error then please email me. This happens sometimes!

Wednesday October 1

10am School opening ceremony.

1pm. Class Meeting @ Walls and Space

3pm. BA Group meeting. (Only third year students need attend)

5pm. MA Group meeting. (Only MA students graduating in 2015 need attend)

7pm. School dinner. School dinners happen monthly and we all cook together. We can organise how we do this at the School Meeting.

Thursday October 2

Group Presentations

10am Owen

11am Sidsel

1pm Leila

2pm Albin

Friday October 3

10am Vebjørn

11am Matilde

1pm Troels

2pm Anna

3pm Lucas

Monday October 6

10am Margarita

11am Sara

1pm Stephanie

2pm Svend

Tuesday October 7

an all day Ikebana Workshop organised by Jonas with Setsuko Bergholt

Details to come


Wednesday October 8

10am Fie

11am Jonas

1pm Frederik

2pm Chunxuan

4pm. Class meeting to discuss shared themes and interests

Thursday October 9

All day workshop at the Ceramics Lab. (Please bring ideas for things you want to try and make so Karin can help you.)

Friday October 10

All day workshop at the Ceramics Lab

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