Class Week. November 21 to 28. 2014

Blackboard Oct 2014

Friday November 21

10am BA Group Meeting

1pm Ceramics workshop. Glazing

Saturday November 22

2pm – 4pm Book release of “An Edge Effect: Art and Ecology in the Nordic Landscape” Edited by Bonnie Fortune.

2.30pm – Bonnie Fortune in conversation with Anne Sophie Witzke on the making of the book.

Monday November 24

10am Class meeting with Howard Slater and guest students from Central St Martins School of Art, London

including “the hour of power!”

1pm Workshop with Howard Slater

7pm Class dinner

Tuesday November 25

10am Games and Boal session led by Margarita and Kristian Byskov

1pm Workshop with Howard

Wednesday November 26

10am Space Design workshop. “Tables”

1pm Workshop with Howard

Thursday November 27

10am Workshop with Howard

1pm Presentation by Mia Edelgart and Deirdre Humphrys

Friday November 28

10am Howard Slater will talk about archives and archiving from below

1pm MA group meeting

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