Class Week. May 20 to 23. 2014

Jonas at Arken

Monday May 19

No structured activities

Tuesday May 20

End of term group presentations

10am. Lucas

11am. Elena

12pm. Lunch

1pm. Anna

2pm. Julie

3pm. Class Meeting (This will be quite a short one I think due to it being the end of term but we could discuss Rundgang)

Wednesday May 21

10am. Malte’s BA project – Jytte Rex presentation

12pm. Lunch

1pm. Vebjørn

2pm. Fie

Trip to SMK opening

Thursday May 22

10am. All day movie screenings. Watching the movies we have discussed during our readings. Popcorn will be supplied.

Friday May 23

10am. Benjamin/Baudelaire reading.

12pm. Lunch

1pm. David Harvey’s Rebel Cities online presentation

5pm. School dinner. Stomach lining for party

Opening of the Graduation Exhibition






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