Workshop. Silounds. Howard Slater. March 31 to April 4. 2014


Image: Karen Wydler, 2013

Image: Karen Wydler, 2013

A week long exploration of sound and silence, jazz improvisation and composition this workshop will endeavour to make a collective sound piece from found sounds; sounds in the environment; sounds in the body, vocal shards and ad hoc instruments. Interspersed with this will be the convening of groups were we, the listeners, become the operators, exchanging ideas and feelings as we listen. A deliberate emphasis will be placed on the history and practice of musique concrete, sound poetry and free jazz as these musics are renowned for freeing up sound-as-sound, deconstructing language and depthening our sensual capacity to listen: ear to ear, here to hear, heat in ear.

Preliminary litzening

Preliminary reeding

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