Class Week. March 24 to 28. 2014

Walking tour with Terre  Thaemlitz,  Shibuya

Walking tour with Terre Thaemlitz, Shibuya

Monday March 24


Class Meeting Discussion of the Academy’s Strategic Plan


The Production of Space Research We will watch together Sharon Zukin’s online lecture about her book the Naked City – looking at notions of authenticity and the concept of “Terroir” in how cities are being produced and reconfigured.


DSR meeting with Mikkel and Helene to discuss the cuts etc

Tuesday March 25


Studio visit – Anders


Reading. Franz Kafka’s A Hunger Artist

1pm. Meet at Walls and Space to bike to the Hospital

Field trip to Herlev Hospital with a tour by Erik Steffensen (former professor at the graphic school and Poul Gernes specialist)

Wednesday March 26


Skype studio visit Philip


Reading. Stud: Architectures of Masculinity. (intro)


Discussion about future teaching ideas and possible study trip. Curriculum Oct/Dec


Field trip to Benny’s plot of land


School Dinner

Thursday March 27

All day Skoleråd Meeting


Talk with Margarita Torrijos and Kristian Byskov:

Permaculture, eco-villages, collectives, transition towns

Eco-utopias in situation.

Field trip to Valbyparken and beyond.

Friday March 28


Studio visit Owen


Utopia. Its here, if not now – Nils will give a brief overview of his Utopia research looking at concepts of the real and imaginary worlds of Utopia.


MA Group meeting

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