Workshop. Hauntings, again. Kevin Dooley and Stefan A. Pedersen. March 3 to 7. 2014.


“A specter does not only cause séance tables to turn, but sets heads spinning” 

– Jacques Derrida (yes, he’s still here)

Starting where we left off from our last endeavor into the histories of haunting, we will continue exploring the potential agency in the space between spectrality as metaphor and real ghosts. Partly through reading texts by Allen S. Weiss, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Carla Freccero we will expand our understanding of the disembodied voice, global haunting and queer spectrality.


In the past (last November) we tried to locate desolate places in the academy where we listened and recorded at otherworldly frequencies (did anyone listen in depth to those recordings?). For this workshop we propose that we transmit back into the ether: a sort of séance where we take a more active part in the communication with and invocation of the specters of the past (and the future). Remember the story of the former rector telling the ministry of culture, that the old artists would haunt the Charlottenborg castle if the academy were forced to move out? With this in mind we will attempt to invoke a ghost, or rather, a ghostly social body that, although not visible, is present in and essential to the institution of the academy.


Kevin Dooley is an art–worker and writer from Vienna who will join us Wednesday–Friday. He will present his work on the figure of the ghost in relation to the invisibility of social work and labour power in art-education and beyond.

Proposed schedule

Monday March 3

am—Summarising of previous workshop, unanswered questions, unheard voices; introduction to the week; joint reading of Allen S. Weiss: Radio Phantasms, Phantasmic Radio

pm—Are séances a fraud? A look at historical representations of séances and its relation to film and performance.

Tuesday March 4

am/pm—Discussing texts (to be read before the workshop):

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: Ghostwriting

+ Carla Freccero: Queer Spectrality: Haunting the Past

Wednesday March 5

am/pm—Kevin presents his work on Ghostbusters, labour power and ectoplasm as the physical manifestation of personal and collective shitty things.

Thursday March 6

am/pm Preparing the séance: collecting our collective ectoplasmic shit.

night?—Séance for the ghost art worker.

Friday March 7

pm—final discussions


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