Study Trip. Tokyo. January 19 to 26. 2014


Sunday January 19

Flight to Tokyo. CPH – Narita. SAS. 15.40

Monday January 20


Arrive Tokyo. 10.40

Travel to Ryokan check in and drop bags:

Kabushikigaisha Kaminarimon Ryokan in Asakusa


Orientation and derivé around local area.



Tuesday January 21

6am Tsukiji-Market (the Fish Market)

Rest of day

Walking tour of Omotesando shopping district. An area packed with interesting modern architecture.



Wednesday January 22


Visit to Jiyugakuen Myonichikan, the “House of Tomorrow,” primary school designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Trip to Showa Kinen Park



Thursday January 23


Window shopping – looking at strange shops, malls and cafes

Some suggestions –

BINGOYA – 5 floors of Japanese crafts and souvenirs – most of it possibly tat

Tokyu Hands – an amazing shop where you can by just about everything you ever wished for.

The Kitte shopping complex – a humungous shopping mall connected to Tokyo station

Kiddy Land – 5 floors of Japanese toys

Okadaya – a 7 floor emporium of buttons, rhinestones, wigs, stage make up and beads

Ameyoko Market – Large busy street market selling food and clothes


16.00 – Walking tour with Terre  Thaemlitz in Shibuya.

A walking tour of a district in shibuya that encapsulates all of the issues of fueiho – legal (heterosexual) sex trade, night clubs, “love hotels” (for couples to have sex), middle-class family apartments, and a shinto shrine that was once notorious as an illegal pick-up place for gay and transgender sex workers.


Dinner with Terre in a local Sri Lankan restaurant

Friday January 24


Trip to visit Yume Park Adventure Playground. Kawasaki City with my friend and play worker Hitoshi Shimamura


Trip to Nishi Rokugo Park (Tire park)


Evening with Jonas’s friend Chiro and a trip to Big Love record store

Saturday January 25

Free day for shopping and individual excursions

Sunday January 26

Leave for CPH 12.30pm. Arrive CPH 16.05

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