Workshop. Hauntings. Stefan A. Pedersen. November 19 to 22. 2013


HAUNTINGS Schedule. Please note this workshop will be in english

NOVEMBER 19–22, 2013



am Ghosts in popular culture: From folklore to Freud to Ghostbusters

pm Ghosts and technology: Calling from the other side


am Electronic Voice Phenomena and other pareidolia

pm Politics of haunting: Reading Gordon and Love

Evening: EVP session group 1


am Hauntology: from Derrida to Dubstep

pm Film: Ghost Dance

Evening: EVP session group 2


am EVP processing and

pm Film: The Haunting


A workshop with real and metaphorical ghosts lead by Stefan A. Pedersen

Hosted by Walls and Space. Open to all students. Please sign up with Lena Rodgers

November 19 to 22

“To haunt does not mean to be present, and it is necessary to introduce haunting into the very construction of a concept. Of every concept, beginning with the concepts of being and time.” — Jacques Derrida

“Danny, I’m coming!” — Jack Torrance

The haunting of ghosts and the living with ghosts offers an opportunity to engage with history and memory in a way that is not remote from artistic practice in all its speculative, accurate, mediated, ephemeral, vague, and material forms.

We will look at how contact and communication with the occupants of ‘the other side’ often has occurred through media technologies such as radio waves, telephony, audio recording, electromagnetic measuring, photography, and even digital media. And we will ask which socio-psychological mechanisms unfold and emerge when we encounter things we cannot grasp? What do ghosts want? And what do we want from them?

By examining, amongst other phenomena, the paranormal observance of voices of the dead, we can additionally inquire into the production of meaning in the unstable relationship between artist, artwork and viewer/listener.

Furthermore the joint readings of an eclectic collection of texts will inform our conversation about the complications and possibilities that ghosts offer us in our thinking about and outreach to them in a historical, political and art-related context: From Marx to Freud; from social violence to queer bodies; and beyond.

The workshop will include:

• A selective historical overview of ghosts in popular culture. What do they represent? How has it changed?

• A survey of Electronic Voice Phenomena (the recording of voices from the other side) and other auditory and visual pareidolia (the interpretation of seemingly insignificant sound phenomena) in relation to ghosts and apparitions.

• Introduction to the concept of hauntology (as described by Derrida) and its current incarnation in deep, dark music.

• A night of recording ambience at the Charlottenborg premises using audio equipment and (possibly) electromagnetic field sensors. Review, analysis and interpretation of the recorded material.

• Film screening including: Ghost Dance (Ken McMullen, 1983).

• Shared reading and discussion of texts from this preliminary reading list (all in excerpts):

Sigmund Freud: The Uncanny, 1919

Friedrich Jürgenson: Radio and Microphone Contacts with the Dead, 1968

Konstantin Raudive: Breakthrough, 1971

Jacques Derrida: Spectres of Marx, 1994

Mark Fisher: What is Hauntology?, 2012

Avery F Gordon: Ghostly Matters, 2008

Heather Love: Feeling Backwards, 2007



poignant and evocative; difficult to ignore or forget : the melodies were elaborate and of haunting beauty.

— New Oxford Dictionary of American English

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