Class Week. October 1 to 7. 2013


Tuesday October 1

10am – 12pm. Academy Opening Ceremony

1 – 4pm. School Meeting and general clean-up

7pm Margarita’s goodbye dinner

Wednesday October 2

10am-12pm. Reading – Bodies – Cities. Elizabeth Grosz

1pm-2pm. MA Group meeting

2pm. Vebrørn studio visit

Thursday October 3

No structured activities

1pm. Mathilde presentation

2pm. Anne Sophie presentation

3pm. Anne Sophie studio visit

Friday October 4

9am. Malte studio visit

10am. Benny presentation

11am. Elena presentation

1pm.  Benny studio visit

2pm. Vebjørn presentation

3pm. Malte presentation

Saturday October 5

11am. Beer brewing

Monday October 7

9am. Mathilde studio visit

10am. Reading – Privatisation of Creativity. Max Haiven

1pm. Lucas skype presentation

2pm. Elena studio visit

3pm. Sidsel studio visit

6 pm Owen Presentation

7pm Class dinner



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