Rubbing Against Architecture. A 7 day workshop with Stephan Dillemuth, Emma Hedditch, Florian Hüttner, Nils Norman and Johannes Paul Raether . September 14 – 22. 2013

Rubbing Against Architecture @ The GFLK Halle Süd Tölz, and its grounds, Bad Tölz, Germany.

With guest workshop leaders emma hedditch and johannes paul raether, invited to lead activities, give presentations and organise workshops in architecture, performance and theatre.

The workshop will explore notions of alternative, collective-built quotidian architecture and shared public space; performance and theatre over a 10 day period.

The participants will investigate the spaces of the Halle Süd and its grounds in order to develop a communal living and work space – where they will sleep, cook, eat, learn and share together. This will be an ongoing group process determined by what is needed of the space and how it should be used. This period of exploration will be developed in parallel to workshops led by invited guests. As spaces are defined and developed and working groups formed a series of performance workshops will be set up in order to activate a series evening performances created by the workshop participants. It is intended that the group space design process will creatively inform the performances and visa versa. The workshop will be concluded with a three day walk into the nearby mountains, where performances and discussions will also be developed, staying overnight in three different mountain huts









IMG_3847IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3955 IMG_3959 IMG_3962 mountain1 IMG_3740 IMG_3726IMG_3859


IMG_3873 IMG_3883 IMG_3886 IMG_3910 IMG_3930 IMG_3933 IMG_3937_2

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