School Meeting. 1pm October 1. 2013

Dear all,

school starts again October 1 and our first class meeting will be held at 1pm after the usual opening ceremony.

With this in mind I would like to kick things off by sharing with you a program of study and research that will run parallel to W&S student led one.

We will explore two strands of research – both inter-related but distinct in their own ways.

Sexuality and Space

Taking Beatriz Colomina’s book of the same name as a starting point we will begin to develop further our ideas from last year’s readings and look more closely at how space is produced from the perspective of sexuality, the body and the social.

This will include readings from “Sexuality and Space”, Joel Sander’s book “Stud: Architectures of Masculinity”, Anthony Vidler’s “The Architectural Uncanny” and investigations into various Situationist texts by Raoul Vaneigem and others around notions of desire.

Creativity and the Production of Urban Space

The concept of Creativity is being instrumentalised today in terms of how cities are designed and rebranded with public art and projects as a focus. We will look at this critically as a trend in order to understand our own predicament as artists inscribed within it. For this we will explore texts by Richard Florida, Jamie Peck, Walter Benjamin, Anna Minton, David Harvey, Henri Lefebvre, William H Whyte, Boltanski & Chiapello, Rebecca Solnit, Dolores Hayden and others.

We will also look closely at how spaces are produced and manipulated by users in and around Copenhagen and beyond.

I will also build a film program around these ideas. The readings, screenings and hopefully field trips will evolve over the course of the year.

So to get this rolling I suggest we read these two short texts for October.

One – The Privatization of Creativity: The Ruse of “Creative Capitalism” by Max Haiven

The other is a short text by Elizabeth Grosz on the body and the city. Here she problematises our very understanding of how bodies and cities are related. She defines the body in terms of a material organisation given unity only through psychical and social inscription, and as such, always already incomplete. By city, she means a complex and interactive network of social relations, activities and processes (including architecture, geography and civic infrastructure).


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