Workshop. Text-reading & discussion with Katarina Bonnevier. May 15 – 17. 2013


Text-reading & discussion with Katarina Bonnevier

May 15 – 17 from 10 – 16 at Walls and Space

arranged by the School of Language, Space and Scale and the School of Walls and Space

Text-reading & discussion:

On space-making, queer club-scenes, whiteness, orientations.

A three day reading-workshop with discussions: A shift, or mix, of text, theories, ideas and the students on-going work.

Bonnevier is part of “MYCKET” a space-research collective – see more on MYCKET will visit the academy in the fall to do a full-scale research project.


Sara Ahmed, “A phenomenology of whiteness”

Bonnevier & Kristiansson, “Critical Fictions in the Club Scene”

NOTE: Participants are required to join all three days!

Please sign-up before May 15th by emailing to:


Bonnevier & Kristiansson_KBonnevierClubSceneFragmentsP

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