Presentation. Marcel de Sade, Marquis de Kériolét. May 22. 1pm

Marcel de Sade, Marquis de Kériolét


His Excellency Marcel de Sade, Marquis de Kériolét, will give a talk about his personal relationship with art, and share stories from a life with Jean Cocteau, Picasso, ballet and Errol Flynn.


The talk will be held in danish


Link to english wikipedia article:


Google translation of danish wikipedia article:


Marcel de Sade, Marquis de Keriolet (born 30 March 1934 in Aalborg. Son of unmarried customs clerk Asta Larsen) is the knighthood, as Jørgen Vase Schmidt used when he around 1960 posed as awnings. Since deception was discovered, he was popularly known as “the false marquis”.

He was as a child, an accomplished piano player, and as a young man he went to Paris and lived the wild life in the circle of artist Jean Cocteau and his lover, film star Jean Marais. Marais introducede de Sade to the European elites decadence. [1]

Marcel de Sade was last 1950s, a well-known figure in the Copenhagen jet. He held extravagant parties in his apartment in Frederiksberg and later in his stately villa in Gentofte, which he let his guests transported in a limousine equipped with its own standard on the screen. The servants made sure that the champagne flowed. Throughout the villa hung pictures of the awning with cape and reward and fingers studded with diamond rings. He explained that he was heir to a fortune that was located in the French and Swiss banks. [2]

Jørgen Vase Schmidt was employed as a cashier and bookkeeper for an oil company and his salary was nowhere near big enough to finance his luxurious life as awnings. So he took the box – first to a lesser extent, but eventually took it, and one year he transferred amount equal to 40 times his annual salary. [2]

The balloon burst 7th February 1963, when the police knocked on his door. After a spectacular trial, he was found guilty of fraud for £ 820,000 and sentenced to four and a half years in prison. According to him due to the harsh judgment that he was the victim of Jantelov. [1] Later revealed in his basement a suitcase with documents for more than 8 million. lion, which he had overlooked when he burned incriminating evidence. He was released after three and a half years. [1]

After his time in prison, he worked for 30 years to help nurture and care assistant for the elderly. He is now retired and living in his lavishly decorated apartment in Frederiksberg Alle. According to himself he is still awnings.

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