Workshop. All day with artist Hiwa K. March 4. 2013


Hiwa K will visit the School of Walls and Space to discuss his work and create an event together with workshop participants.

We will start the day by siting together around the table with a cup of coffee and later in the day cook together. Hiwa will tell anecdotes and discuss two restaurants, one in Bagdhad where the plates are stuck to the table and another on the border between Iran and Iraq, where the cook uses a different pot for each meal. Hiwa will invite Walls and Space students to create the meal for which we will be encouraged to Skype friends and colleagues in other countries and invite them to cook with or instruct us how to cook a meal. Storytelling and the anecdote play an important part in Hiwa’s work participants will be encouraged to contribute anecdotes and memories connected to food during the day. This workshop will be based around conversation and will be shaped together with Hiwa during the day, it promises to be both a social and didactic day of cooking and collaboration.


In an ongoing series of works, Cooking with Mama, Hiwa has created many cooking events, most recently working with Occupy Berlin to develop mobile cooking trollies with Skype technology.


Hiwa K is an artist and musician based in Berlin. He began his artistic practice as a painter in the eighties, inspired by an informal education with intellectuals, musicians and performers. The major fields of these informal and non-systematic studies were European literature and philosophy, learnt from books translated into Arabic.His major interest circles around the notion of the event, performativity. Since 2005, he has been developing a series of projects involving paradoxes of cultural competence, participation, dissemination of knowledge and distribution of the event.

Bread and Blood has invited several artists to talk about food / art practice and to cook together with the students. These events will form the beginning of an archive project looking into the history of the school and the way cooking and food have been important parts of it´s development


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