Workshop. Ssam, Bibim and Gook with Haegeen Kim. February 22 – 23. 2013


This workshop has been organised by the Food Group – Bread and Blood at Walls and Space.

The fine line between food and art. A series of lectures and cooking events at Walls & Space.

The project Bread and Blood has invited several artists to talk about food / art practice and to cook together with the students. These events will form the beginning of an archive project looking into the history of the school and the way cooking and food have been important parts of it´s development

The first workshop will be cooking with Haegeen Kim an artist/chef based in New York, Brooklyn. She recently went on a journey to Korea researching old recipes and methods of cooking. She will introduce us to Korean food culture and share her knowledge with us for two days.

Haegeens loose description of the two day workshop.

  • The first day, I want to talk about three basic sauces and condiments that determine Korean food. We taste, look and talk about these interesting elements. Some are easily found in Denmark. Some very difficult. Some I still have no idea or no experience how to make them.We will make vegetarian rice dish called Bibimbob (mix rice) then move onto salting some vegetable to make Kimchi. The completion of Kimchi will happen next day. We will also turn the same vegetables into entirey new one called “Gujulpan” which is best example of the court food that existed in the past and still continue to influence modern Korean cuisine.

  • The second day, I will show very simple version of making Korean BBQ with Ssam. Ssam is the typical way of Korean’s meat eating. It literally means, “wrap”. In this way, not only the meat, but also all kinds of vegetable and rice can be harmoneously consumed for better nutrition. It also reflects Korean’s philosophy in colors of food that is as important as nutritional facts of materials. We will also finish up our Kimchi making to be fermented in the future. As Koreans do on their big kimchi making day (kimjang), we will taste the fresh Kimchi along with other dishes we prepare, hopefully, fish soup.

Also I want to show here and there, how Koreans use one material into many diffrent things. For example, potato into potato pancake, potato namool (panfried), potato soup and potato roll….I don’t know the size of the workshop but it will be nice we can cook, talk, eat and document.

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