Class Week. February 18 – 22. 2013.

George stirring a vegetable stew

Monday February 18

8am Pia gives Nils a Tutorial at Kastrup airport

10am – 12pm. Class meeting

1pm – 4pm. BA Group Meeting

7pm. School dinner and bar christening with very special guests from the Dance School and the Writing School. We will also try the home brewed beer and also Nils will make a variety of gin based drinks.

Tuesday February 19

9am. Augustus Tutorial

10am – 12pm. Behind Straight Curtains Reading Group

1pm – 4pm. MA Group Meeting

Wednesday February 20

9am. Anders Tutorial

10am – 12pm. De Certeaux Reading Group

1pm – 4pm. Class Evaluation

Thursday February 21

9am. Lucas Tutorial

10am – 12pm. I Love Dick Reading Group.

1pm – 4pm. Yvonne Rainer Research Group film screening.

Friday February 22

10am – 11am. The Inbetweeners Group. A meeting of all students who are not in the BA or the MA groups.

11am – 4pm. Day one of the Ssam, Bibim and Gook workshop with Haegeen Kim. (See the Haegeen Kim workshop post for details).

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