Class Week. January 21 – 25. 2013


Monday January 21

10am – 12pm. Class meeting

1pm – 4pm. Behind Straight Curtains Reading. (“First Entr’act. Jalousie” and “Lecture Two”)

4pm MA Group Meeting

7pm. School dinner?

Tuesday January 22

9am Cecilie Tutorial

10am – 12pm. de Certeau Reading. (Part II)

1pm – 4pm BA Group Meeting

Wednesday January 23

9am Kristian Tutorial

10am – 3pm. Openhagen course (with Silvia Federici, George Caffentzis, Mayday Rooms and Peter Linebaugh).

Welcome Dinner?

Thursday January 24

10 am – 3pm. Openhagen course

Friday January 25

10am – 3pm. Openhagen course


Silvia Federici –

George Caffentzis –

Jaya Brekke –

Grace Harrison –

Iain Boal –

Peter Linebaugh –

Anthony Davies –

Anna Davin –

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