Class Week. December 3 – 7. 2012

Monday December 3

10am – 12pm. Class meeting

1pm – 4pm. BA Group Meeting

7pm. School dinner

Tuesday December 4

9am Augustus Tutorial

10am – 12pm. de Certeau Reading Group

1pm – 2pm. Mathias T’s Presentation

2pm – 5pm. MA Group Meeting

5pm Alt-Edu Group meeting

Wednesday December 5

9am Anna Tutorial

10am – 12pm. Behind Straight Curtains and I love Dick readings

12pm – 1pm Rector discussion.

1pm – 4pm. Future Workshops and Readings discussion

Thursday December 6

9am Mathias Tutorial

10 am – 3pm. Openhagen Course. All Day with Openhagen and Bifo. See Openhagen post

4pm Owen Tutorial

Dinner Walls and Space

7pm Bifo public talk Festsaal

10pm Lucas and Philips’ exhibition visit @ Q

Friday December 7

9am Sofie Tutorial

10am – 12pm. Yvonne Rainer Research Group.

12pm – 1pm. Lunch with the Dance School

1pm – 4pm.  Presentations continue– How, what, where, who, why, if, when?

A collective deconstruction of artists’ presentations, creative powerpoint performances, “keynotes” and magic lantern shows.

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