Workshop @ the Media School. Lars Bang Larsen. Cyber Aesthetics. October 22, 23, 24. 2012

Lars Bang Larsen

October 22nd, 23rd and 24th

“Cyber Aesthetics”

 For this seminar we would like to propose to invite Branden W. Joseph and Felicity Scott.

Branden W. Joseph is ass. professor of modern and contemporary art at Columbia University and most recently the author ofBeyond the Dream Syndicate. Tony Conrad and the arts after Cage (2008). Felicity Scott is ass. professor of architecture in the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University and the author of Architecture of Techno-utopia. Politics after modernism (2007).

The seminar intends to discuss the relationship between visual art and new media from the point of view of architecture, aesthetics and art history (rather than solely media theory). Historically the seminar would focus on the time after 1960s, including discussions of the neo-avantgarde’s relationship with new interdisciplinary paradigms such as cybernetics, with experimental architecture and music, and with the counter-cultures of the time.

The seminar would take place in three parts:

1)    October 22, 23 and 24th 2012: initial readings and discussions with the students lead by Lislegaard and Bang, especially fodcusing on texts by Jospeh and Scott

 2)    Primo 2013: lectures, reading groups and studio visits with Joseph and Scott (with Lislegaard and Bang present)

 3)    Spring 2013: publication of anthology. In connection with the seminar we propose to publish, as a research outcome, a small anthology in the spring of 2013 with contributions by Joseph and Scott as well as Steven Shaviro, Suzanne Treister and others.

 Arr. by the School of Media Art

Please sign up with Lena Rodgers if you are interested in attending this workshop

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