One-day workshop. Katherine Ball. 8 October 2012

Resistance Experiments

During this workshop, we will perform a series of experiments designed to create tools of resistance. We’ll start the day with tools that could be implemented in acts of civil disobedience, protests and actions. We’ll close the day with tools designed to further individual autonomy and resilience in everyday life. The experiments utilize chemistry and biology. We’ll also look at some articles that point out the problematics of aligning with western science as a form of dissent.


10:00 – Opening

10:30 – Experiments

11:30 – Stretching + Break

12:00 – Reading

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Resume Experiments

15:30 – Closing

Evening: Dinner


Smoke Bombs

Foam Explosion

Sprouted Seed Balaclavas

Mycosabotage: Mushrooms that break up roads

Mushroom Growing: Edible mushrooms that can decontaminate toxic waste


(We will break up into small groups and each read one of these texts during the workshop. I’ll make a small introduction to the texts during workshop and then students can choose which one they want to read.)

Fuzzy Biological Sabotage

(all pages)

The User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible

(all pages)

Beyond the Third World: imperial globality, global coloniality and anti-globalisation social movements

(page 211: Globalisation as the radicalisation of modernity: an intra-modern view of modernity)

Microbes Maketh Man

(all pages)

Modern Science as Patriarchy’s Project

(p. 14-35)

Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

(all pages)

Our experiments will explore the following questions and statements:

+) Humans and habitats share immune systems and microorganisms are the cellular bridges between the two.

+) How can we form a symbiotic relationship with the wild world that can be used as a means of direct action?

+) Civil disobedience ~~~~ Biological Disobedience

+) Putting theory into practice

+) How is science a project of patriarchy?

+) Managed dissent: When does dissent pay homage to our rulers? How can we avoid this?

+) How can chemical reactions transform a space?

Katherine is an artist and activist. She recently graduated from Portland State University’s Social Practice program and has been a student at Walls and Space.

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Garden of Biological Disobedience

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