Workshop @ the Media School. Cut-up Normality with Ewa Einhorn & Jeuno JE Kim. October 8 – 12. 2012

Please sign up with Lena Rodgers if you are interested in attending this workshop

Norm, Normal, Normative: What is it? How do these notions differ from each other? How can

they affect artistic production? In this workshop we will explore representations of normativity,

as well as social and pedagogical structures where we find both the reproduction and fissures of


During the five days we will look at what is in our closest proximity and use that as inspiration

to come up with characters and stories. We will also watch and read films and texts that take

normality as a starting point, either by describing it, problematizing it, or breaking away from it.

Writing Exercise – Fishing for Characters:

1. Whose story?

2. Description

3. Who or what Else?

4. Constructing a sense of place


Play (118 min, 2011) by Ruben Östlund

Extreme Private Eros Love Song 1974 (98 min, 1974) by Kazuo Hara

Regretters (60 min, 2010) by Marcus Lindeen

Hold Me Tight Let Me Go (100 min, 2007) by Kim Longinotto


“Doing Justice to Someone” by Judith Butler

“What is Critique” by Michel Foucault

“Jackie” & “The Wall” from Princess Plays by Elfriede Jelinek

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