Class Week. October 1 – 12. 2012

Monday October 1

10am. Official Academy opening. Festsal

1pm. School meeting – Walls and Space

4pm. MA group meeting. First meeting of all students who will graduate June 2013.

5pm. BA group meeting. This meeting is for third year students to discuss the year ahead which technically is their BA year.

Tuesday October 2

A week-long session of 40 minute group presentations begins

9am Studio visit Vladas

10am Vladas

11am Kristian

1pm Pia

2pm Owen

3pm Anne Nora


Wednesday October 3

9am Studio visit Julie

10am Margarita

11am Julie

1pm Benny

2pm Cecilie

3pm Philip

Thursday October 4

9am Studio visit Benny

10am Anna

11am Fia

1pm Vitalis Augustas

2pm Vebjørn

3pm Claudia

Friday October 5

9am Studio visit Margarita

10am Anne-Sofie

11am Hannah

1pm Mateusz

2pm Mathias

3pm Matilde

4pm Lucas



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