Workshop. What, How and for Whom: You Are Invited to Attend. 21 – 24 May. 2012

How does an exhibition come together? How can curating function as an open process and what might come out of it?

Through the process of learning of each other’s practice, the workshop with the students from the Walls and Space will reflect upon the necessary steps in putting together an exhibition through a collective effort, while examining indispensable questions of artistic and curatorial production, display, engagement, modes of presentation, self-organization and knowledge production. The workshop will briefly present some of WHW’s curatorial projects in order to root and explain the choice of certain curatorial methodology, ways of display and exhibition discourses.

As an integral part of the workshop the students are invited to present one or two of their works, to try to outline the themes they are engaged with and to link them with the specific choice of the visual language and production mode. The idea is to try to create a non-hierarchical space, to share our specific competences, knowledge that comes out of it, but also doubts, aspirations and limitations. The workshop would involve collectively created exhibition (not necessarily tied to the traditional format) resulting from the process of discussing how can we still use an exhibition for rethinking of not only the questions of production, definition, and presentation of art, but of socialized action in the globalized world?

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