Workshop. The Problem of Work. Full Unemployment Cinema. 16-20 April 2012

The Problem of Work
A Full Unemployment Cinema workshop.
We would like to explore what it means to discuss work, waged and unwaged labour through through the activity of watching and discussing films together.
In keeping with the approach we have pursued in the screenings, presentations and discussions that constitute our activity as a group this will be an engaged, partisan investigation of cinema.
Our intention has always been be to discover within the cinematic representation of work struggles against wage labour, aspects of work not usually discussed and how the moving images of work might contribute to a critique of work and lead to more meaningful play for all.
We propose a daily schedule of workshops, screenings, discussions and activities.

• Monday 16th April: 1st session
– Meet each other and introduce ourselves. What is Full Un Cine and what we do. – Introduce our key terms/not-working concepts: Work | Film | Anti (work) | Labour | Play? –

Projection of shorts
Workers leaving the Factory – Lumiere Brothers The Return to Work at the Wonder Factory The Simpsons episode by Bansky
Lunch break 12-1
2nd session 1pm-3pm
– ‘How To’ exchange (squatting, film, peer2peer, free time, free space, stealing resources for work (free printing), education, other free screenings etc.) i.e. what do our practices of cinema screenings depend on and what are the contradictions inherent to these practices?
3nd session
4pm Film Projection Screening of films chosen by the group
• Tuesday 17th April
1st session 10am-12
Read and discuss the introduction to The Problem of Work by Kathi Weeks.
2nd session 1pm-3pm TBC3nd session
4pm Film Projection Screening of films chosen by the group

• Wednesday 18th April FREE •

Thursday 19th /Friday 20th April Festival at People’s House in collaboration with the Copenhagen Commune. See separate program.

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