Workshop. Madeleine Bernstorff. March 19 – 23. 2012. POSTPONED TO MARCH 26 – 30

The Interview Contract 

The genre of the interview is quite close to it’s contaminated siblings – talking cure, confession, interrogation, based on the law of absolute identification.

The person we see speaking assures us that she/he does so in her/his name, the interview being the place where one plays at being oneself, constantly confirming and performing, using the speach-act to accomplish one-to-one-identity. The Interview furthermore is a research practice which challenges the interviewer’s awareness and attitude in quite an exceptional way, and where the abysses of media-arrangements seem to blossom … where do you position yourself, how do you interact, which idea of exchange do you have? and which idea of the „real“ do you have? as art practices become more and more research-based artists are using various semi-journalistic, semi-scientific research-practices in their work. We will watch and discuss numerous (filmic) examples, we will also tackle genres like (self-)portrait, field research, performative documentary and fictionalizing practices, and hopefully challenge the imbedded prepositions. And we will work on practical interview-exercises (sound and video) and analyze them collectivly.

Cameras and sound recorders are needed, so bring your preferred gadgets.

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