Class Week. March 12 – 16. 2012

Monday. March 12


Studio visit Ninna

10am – 12pm

Presentation by Kristian

1 – 2pm

Class meeting

2 – 4pm

Study Trip discussion

Tuesday. March 13


Studio visit Dee

10am – 12pm.

Presentation by Julie and Margarita


Study trip to Louisiana to see Avantgardens Kvinder 1920 – 1940

Presentation by Signe Jacobsen from Louisiana’s education department

Kristen Ross reading

Wednesday. March 14


Studio visit Tine

10am – 12pm

bell hooks reading

12pm – 1pm

After the Butcher discussion

1 – 3pm

Architecture Group field trip to Red Square and beyond


Studio visit Mia

Thursday. March 15


Studio visit Julie

No Structured activities. All day Skoleråd meeting

Friday. March 16

10am – 12pm

Martin’s presentation

12.30pm – 3pm. Site visit – Graduation Group to Nikolai

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