Workshop. Eskil Andreas Halberg. January 26 – 27. 2012

Michel Foucault Workshop

Day 1: A general introduction to Michel Foucault’s thoughts and concepts on apparatus, power and normativity.

In the introduction to Foucault I will focus on the fragile critical attitude in Foucault’s thought. I will talk about how he uses the past to criticise the present. In other words hiscritical concept of historicism, and de-neutralization of norms social structures and the organisation of space.

For understanding this specific method of critique, I will introduce some problems of normativity, Foucault’s difficulties with politics and knowledge production (science).

I will make a short introduction to three apparatuses (dispositif), namely the sovereignty, discipline and security. Parts of the talk will be bases on my master theses.

Afterwards I hope we will have a lot of time for a common discussion on the themes and other stuff. Some questions for starting up the discussion could be:

What is politics in the age of post-structualism?

What are the differences and connections to various forms of modern Marxism?

What is critique?

Keywords: #power #apparatus #knowledge #normativity #statistics #genealogy #historicism #method #critique #non-politics #biopolitics

Day 2

Common discussion and study group on Foucault’s text “of other spaces” (1967) and the notion of heterotopia.

3 questions that might be relevant:

Is there a political potential in the text?

Is Foucault introducing a specific critical conception?

Is the heterotopia still relevant in our present?


Screaning Lars von Triers “The Idiots”: There might be a connection between this movie and the notion of heterotopia, counter-spaces, critique and/or normativity.


EskilAndreas Halberg

Cand.scient.adm.Teacher at college in social science

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