Workshop. Howard Slater. January 23 – 25. 2012


Dream Pedagogy

An incident/observation/perception/feeling from the morning

* small Boal-group group exercise

* what is unconsciousness raising?

* Audio Corpse – ‘the sound of surrealism’ [Patricide No.5]

 Poetry & Self-Exile

 Group reading of this short text from Anomie/Bonhomie book

* what is ‘textual psychosis’?

* what can poetry be?

 Is it Possible to Speak of an Affective Class?

 “Sometimes he [Walter Benjamin] talked about it to us as if it were something ‘esoteric’, simultaneously ‘erotic and artisanal’, underlying his explicit Marxist conceptions. Having the means of production in common would permit substituting for the abolished classes a redistribution of society into affective classes. A freed industrial production, instead of mastering affectivity, would expand its forms and organise its exchanges, in the sense that work would be in collusion with lust, and cease to be the other punitive side of the coin”

* Readings and discussion and tangents

 Non-Oedipal Love is pretty hard work’

 The Women’s Liberation Movement raised the issue of the ‘personal is political’, yet what is it that still keeps the personal at some remove from politics? Are vital elements of our experience (and our conditioning) too embarrassing to speak of? Does sexuality still have to be liberated?

  • The World of Lygia Clark (1973)
  • Escargots de Venus (Bona Tibertelli De Pisis) by Walerian Borowczyk (1975)

We Dare To Sing

Raoul Vaneigem: La Vie s’écolue [life goes on]

Arthur Doyle: ‘Nature Boy’

Henri Chopin: Live at ‘Colour out of Space’

Gherasim Luca: Passionément

* Collective music making, choral etc

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