Class Week. December 12 – 16. 2011

Monday Dec 12

9am Tutorial. Anna

10am – 12pm Tone Nielsen from Kuratorisk Aktion will speak about their projects.

1pm – 4pm. Class meeting

Tuesday Dec 13

9am Tutorial. Jonas

10am – 12pm. Finalising future workshops, guests, and possible study trip ideas for Spring 2012

1pm – 3pm. Tine will talk about her project for BKS Garage. Meet at BKS garage.

Wednesday Dec 14

9am Tutorial. Martin

10am – 12pm. Architecture Group – open discussion. Potential ideas, workshop format, methods, topics, people to invite… etc.

1pm – 3pm. “The Elephant of Gentrification”, Nils will present a basic overview of the term Gentrification. What it means, how it works and how artists are inscribed within it.

Thursday Dec 15

9am Tutorial. Pia

10am – 12pm. Film screening. Charles Atlas’s “Because We Must”.

1pm – 3pm. The Emergence of Social Space Reading Group

Friday Dec 16

10am – 12pm. Artist Luca Frei will present a general introduction to his work.

1pm —– School Christmas Lunch…..

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