Class Week. November 21 – 25. 2011

Monday Nov 21

10am – 12pm

School meeting


1pm – 4pm

Reading group and future workshop discussion


Tuesday Nov 22

10am – 12pm

Nils’s research presentation.


From bomb site to boutique: the playground and its journey from anarchy to economic development tool


Nils will talk about his ongoing research into Adventure Playgrounds and some of the more unusual and interesting playscapes found across Europe, Japan and the US that he has visited

and photographed. He will explore the history and ideas of the adventure playground movement in Europe and Japan and how certain playspaces, like adventure playgrounds and

the playgrounds of the Dutch city planner Aldo van Eyke can be seen as potential alternative models for urban planning and the production of public space.

He will touch upon a brief moment in the 1950s when artists and architects were involved in innovative playground design and why this quickly fell out of fashion

as fear of litigation and health and safety stifled creative collaborations. Making way for the “fixed play” risk-free playscapes of contemporary urban centres, and the recent development of the playground

as a regeneration tool.


1pm – 4pm

Film afternoon. Looking at films that were discussed in October related to performance, the body, subcultures and the carnivalesque – Yvonne Rainer, Charles Atlas, Jack Smith.


School dinner?


Wednesday Nov 23

10am – 12pm

Nils’s research presentation


Defensive Architecture and Design.


The Defensive Architecture and Design archive is an ongoing survey of street furniture, barricades, “anti” behaviour devices, surface technologies, check-points etc that have proliferated across cities and towns around the world. The growth of defensive urbanism can be linked to many different events including – May 68, the IRA bombings in London during the 1980s, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, September 11, and various colonial wars and occupations throughout history. This particular research began after the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 and is ongoing. A small part of it was published as “The Contemporary Picturesque”, Nils Norman, Book Works, UK. 2001.


1pm – 4pm

Class visit and crit of Pia’s exhibition BKS Garage?


Thursday Nov 24

No structured activities. All day Skoleråd Meeting.


Friday Nov 25

10am– 12pm

Study Programme Presentation

International study programmes… what are they? Where are they? etc


1pm – 3pm

Graduation Group meeting


Please can all the third year students who haven’t had one yet sign up for a morning studio visit with Nils, and also anyone else who would like one if there is time.


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