Walls and Space in conjunction with Night Class – present Summaskool. September 12 – 16

Monday 12th September

10.30am Meet at Studio 13

* Brief Introductions of all to each to all

* SummaSkool – the invite letter to be read out NN/AD/HS

* Libertarian Education and the influence of Colin Ward NN

* MayDay – A new active archive/ A new site for exchange IB&AD

1.00pm  LUNCH


* Leeds Temporary Space – Initiatives in Leeds G

* Magical Struggle Summer Camp – Omø, Denmark  H&M

* August Riots – Riot polit-econ   DH

* Discussion on the formation of the Hospital Prison University and skype exchange with HH.  JJ, AD, HD

*A screening of the Copenhagen Free University ‘Trauma’ film. World premiere!! JJ

5.30pm CLOSE

Tuesday 13th September

10.30am Meet at Studio 13

* Copenhagen Commune – Outline of activities T [TBC]

* Flying Universities of 70s Poland – some research JJ

1.00pm LUNCH


* Play Therapy and Primary Education RK

* What’s a Therapeutic Education? HS

* Glasgow Open School – presentation L L A J


Wednesday 14th September. TRIP DAY

10.30am Meet at Studio 13

* Autodidacticism and the Workers Movement – Brief Outline AD

* Augusto Boal and Drama Activism – ME & AJ

1.00pm GRUB and travel to Colorama

2.00pm Meet at Colorama Cinema

* SQUASH/Youth Work – OC

* Full Unemployment Cinema – AI MV

* Pirate Cinema – AJ

Followed by screenings:

* The Coconut Revolution (50 mins)

* Highlander Centre (TBC)

* And/or various shorts about A.S.Neil’s Summerhill school


Thursday 15th September

10.30am Meet at Studio 13

* Dream Pedagogy – Unconsciousness raising? HS

* Occupations, Squares, faculties, streets – General Conflab

* Salong Munich  – Introduction to activities  [TBC]

1.00pm BUTTIES

2.00pm Meet at the FEMINIST LIBRARY

* Feminist Initiatives and Women’s Self Organisation


Friday 16th September

11.00am Meet at Studio 13

* Shadow Department – in the institutional interstices – AD

* International Study Programmes – NN

1.00pm FEEDING


Skype Session with Sophie and Kevin from Vienna

* Queer Self-Organisation. [TBC]

* Student-Workers Union [TBC]

* ‘Kannon’ Club, Copenhagen 1971 – Some research KW NP

4.00pm Skype session with Blue Stockings bookshop NYC [TBC]


* Occupied London – short presentation and book launch  D&J

Venue to be confirmed but probably upstairs in a pub local

to Studio 13.

Saturday 17th September

12.00pm Meet at Studio 13

* Closing forum, what happened, what next, what take-outs, what follow throughs, what whats, what watts: Future Front Novum !

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