Class Week. June 13 – 18

This will be our final week together until October 3. Mornings are – as always – open for individual studio meetings.

We agreed last time that each of you will present a project to finish off the year. (Graduating students are exempt)

Monday June 13

10am – 12pm. School meeting

1pm – 4pm. Individual presentations. To be worked out.

Tuesday June 14

9am Individual studio visit – Kathi

10am – 12pm. Individual presentations. To be worked out.

1pm – 4pm. Kristian and Anders will present their trips away in Chicago and the West Coast.

5pm – late. School dinner. Its the big one – to be planned.

Wednesday June 15

10am – Caliban and the Witch Reading. The final chapter. All day school trip?

Thursday June 16

10am – Graduation presentations at  Nikolaj with Henriette Heise and Lars Bang Larsen. All are welcome.

Friday June 17

Individual studio visit – Vladas

10am – 12pm. Final discussion/evaluation with games. Who, why, what, where… Rundgang, next year’s program, discussion to be held while playing games.

I will bring the “New Games Book” and other games books.

1pm – 4pm. Howard Slater talk

Saturday June 18

Trip together to Roskilde to the opening of the CFU exhibition?

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