Class Week. May 9 – 13

 Monday May 9

10 am – 12pm. School meeting

1pm – 4pm. Marx Reading. David Harvey’s Conclusion.

 Tuesday May 10

8am – 12pm. Tore beer brewing workshop (I can try and push this to start later but we will see).

1pm – 4pm. Ilya Lipkin talk

Ilya will speak about the concept of the counter-public sphere as it is outlined by Alexander Kluge and Oskar Negt in their book Öffentlichkeit und Erfahrung, and specifically will relate this concept to the discourses and practices that he has become familiar with during his visits to Walls and Space. In addition, he will screen several short films and videos after the talk: News From Ideological Antiquity (Kluge), Run with Zero’s (Antek Walczak), Total Atmospheric Mean (Maija Timonen), and Careless Talk Lives Costly (a new video he made with Loretta Farenholz and Patrick Price). The screening program should be less than two hours in total.

5pm. Individual studio meeting Cecilie

6pm Dinner

 Wednesday May 11

9 am. Individual studio meeting Camilla

10 am – 12pm. Caliban and the Witch Reading.

This week we are reading “The Great Witch Hunt in Europe”, p 163.

Please read this chapter before Wednesday, each person is required to pull out a personal mini-research topic from the chapter and present it – either from a footnote, a reference, an illustration, a quote or a theme.

Any links made to Copenhagen gain extra ” Walls and Space ECT Points”, (a clap, a cheer and maybe a beer later.)

1pm – 4pm. Graduation Group meeting

5pm . Individual studio meeting Joen


Nils is in an all day admin meeting. No structured programming.


10am – 4pm. Discussion/evaluation Knit-in. Who, why, what, where… Rundgang, next year’s program, school design, etc Please bring a piece of fabric or item of clothing to embroider, knit or sew.

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