Class Week. March 7 – 11. 2011

Monday March 7

9am. Individual Studio Meeting: Joen

10am. Class Meeting

1pm. Graduation Group Meeting

6pm. Class dinner prep

7pm. Class Dinner

Tuesday March 8

9am. Individual Studio Meeting: Mia

10am. Continuation of the “Why oh why am I an artist?” talk.

12 – 2pm. Tore – Home brew talk. With beer tasting

2pm. A walk around the internet. How artists and group represent themselves online

Wednesday March 9

9am. Individual Studio Meeting: Camilla

10 am. Deirdre’s Presentation

1pm. Marx Reading. The last chapters – Champagne Socialist after party

Thursday March 10

No formal programming

Friday March 11

8am. Individual Studio Meeting: Katherine

9am. Individual Studio Meeting: Ninna

10am. Fermentation Friday. Updates, new projects and developments. The News Shroom

12pm Caliban and the Witch Reading Group

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