Class Week. January 24 – 28

Monday Jan 24

10 am. School meeting

1pm. Caliban and the Witch reading – See “readings”

Tuesday Jan 25

9am. Nils individual crit with Deirdre

10 am. Fermentation Group. Shocking the mushroom log, tasting the preserved lemons and pickled carrots, making beer, yoghurt. Fermentation projects updates…

1pm. Marx Reading. Chapter 25. Harvey class 11 – See “readings”

Wednesday Jan 26

Unfortunately class trip to Odense has been cancelled

9am. Nils individual crit with Joen

10am. A discussion about being an artist. A freestyle roundtable about who and what artists are/could be? Who am I?? Why?? etc

1pm. Class visit to Den Frie –

Thursday Jan 27

10 am. Kathi’s work/research presentation to the class

1pm. Nils in Skoleråd meeting – nothing formally planned

5pm. Nils individual crit with Katherine

7pm. Class dinner and film screening

Friday Jan 28

10 am. Katherine will present her work, her bike trip across the US and life at PSU’s Social Practice MFA Program

1pm. Graduation Group meeting


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